What to expect during your initial consultation with a board certified veterinary dentist.

  • Our team will contact your family veterinarian and request your pet’s medical records, including lab work and dental radiographs. If you have consulted with other veterinarians or veterinary specialists, please let us know.
  • During your consultation, a member of our team will obtain basic physical information and a detailed history about your pet’s general health and specific oral health concerns.
  • Our board certified veterinary dentist will examine your pet, as your pet allows, review their individual medical history, and provide you with detailed recommendations your pet’s oral needs.
  • You will be provided with a treatment plan for recommended oral procedures or preventatives.
  • A detailed report will be shared with you and your family veterinarian via e-mail.

We strive to make you and your pet feel at ease. We understand that your pet is family. Questions are welcomed, and we will do our best to answer them completely.

What to expect on the day an advanced dental procedure is performed on my pet.

  • Please follow all pre-operative instructions and arrive at your assigned hospital admission time.
  • A team member will admit your pet into the veterinary clinic, confirm the health status of your pet as well as medications that your pet received in the last 48 hours.
  • Once your pet is admitted to our hospital, we ask that you please be available by phone if we need contact you with any unexpected examination findings during your pet’s procedure. We will contact you after your pet’s procedure is completed to keep you updated on your family member’s day and give you an anticipated discharge time.
  • At discharge, we will review care instructions and follow-up recommendations so you can take the best care of your pet as they heal and recover at home.

A report of the oral diagnosis and treatment will be shared with your family veterinarian and you by e-mail.